What can we say; we're a business. With any business there’s some legal things we should get off our chest.

Images & Other Content

All Images and content on this site are either owned by Poosh Designs or have been granted use by Poosh Designs. Please do not reuse content from this website without permission of Poosh Designs. Permission is granted to repost our designs for social purposes; however, please be sure to credit Poosh Designs and

Product Images

We do out best to provide product images that clearly show the product and its design. Although we do our best, colors will vary on different computer monitors and 100% accuracy can not be guaranteed. Please also note the majority of product images are shown on Bella/Canvas shirts, and all designs can be made available on Bella/Canvas upon request.

Parodies & Character likenesses

Some of our designs are intended as a parody and may resemble certain characters. However, it is our belief that no specific character is resembled, and it is our intent to preserve the intellectual rights of any characters and their owners. If an infringement has occured, please let us know, and we will address it accordingly.


Some of our designs use resources, such as fonts, that have been made available free for commercial use. We’d like to thank everyone, not limited to the names below, for their contributions. If there is an error in using your content, please let us know, so we can avoid infringement.

*The names/authors listed above are not directly affiliated with POOSH Designs and may not endorse our brand.