The Brand

We are Poosh® Designs & Apparel.

Wear happy.

To us wearing happy means...
Staying youthful and having fun, with others, at no one's expense. Fun fosters happiness, which is our ultimate motivation. Everyone has their own form of happy, and with that in mind, we strive to offer something for everyone. Because, together wear happy.

Our Story

Founder & Designer Joe Prindiville grew up South of Houston, and always had an interest in drawing. He started Poosh Designs in 2009 as a way to get experience, working freelance jobs. However, his own designs started getting noticed, and it was time to start thinking bigger. In 2012 Poosh went official, selling their first four designs out of Austin Texas. Since then things have continued to grow and have gotten attention worldwide. What started as four designs has evolved into a lifestyle brand that everyone can enjoy.

Our Style

We find inspiration from our characters. The characters we are, the characters we know, see, and even hope to be. As for the design itself, we like to keep things simple. You’ll notice a combination of clean lines and fun imagery makes for a great Poosh Design.